Rules & Regulations

  1. General
    1. The need blind admission policy of University of Wah is based on the cardinal principle that the University is open to all candidates regardless of religion, race, creed, financial resources or domicile.
    2. The University offers courses leading to the Degrees of BS (Hons), BSc Engineering, BS Engineering Technology, BBA, BSAF, MA/MSc, MBA, MS and PhD. The BS (Hons), BSc Engineering and BS Engineering Technology 4 Years Program is an International Level Program equal to the regular Master's Degree awarded after 16 years of education. A Graduate with BS (Hons) 4 years Degree is eligible for pursuing Higher Education for MS Program in the relevant discipline.
    3. Applications for the admission to various courses of study are invited through national newspapers and website of University of Wah and admission is made on the basis of merit in accordance with the criteria laid down by the Academic Council from time to time.
    4. For faculty of engineering, the selection is made on the basis of merit calculated on the performance of candidate in the entry test and higher secondary school examination or its equivalent.
  2. Detail of Departments
    1. Faculty of Engineering
      Civil Chemical Electrical Mechanical Mechatronics
    2. Faculty of Basic Sciences
      Biosciences Chemistry Mathematics Physics Statistics
    3. Faculty of Management Sciences
      Management Sciences
    4. Faculty of Computer Science
      Computer Science
    5. Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
      Economics Education English Islamic & Pakistan Studies Psychology Sociology
    6. Engineering Technology
      Electrical Mechanical
  3. Admission Criteria
    1. University may offer early action admission, on first come first serve basis to the applicants who fulfill university requirements prior to the announcement of formal Merit List.
    2. For individuals desirous of enrolling for BSc Engineering a candidate holding FSc (Pre-Engineering) certificate with at least 60% marks or DAE with 1st division in relevant technology from any institute recognized by the Government of Pakistan shall be eligible for admission to BSc Engineering degree program. Entry test for all candidates is compulsory. UET entry test result is also acceptable. Merit being determined on the basis of 50% weightage of FSc marks and 50% weightage to entry test. 10 marks out of the obtained marks will be deducted, from candidates qualifying the exam by parts or applying after three years of FSc.
    3. For individuals desirous of enrolling for BS Engineering Technology, a candidate holding FSc (Pre-Engineering) certificate with at least 50% marks or DAE with 60% marks in relevant technology from any institute recognized by the Government of Pakistan shall be eligible for admission to BS Engineering Technology degree program. Merit being determined on the basis of 50% weightage of FSc/DAE marks and 50% weightage to entry test.
    4. A candidate holding an FA/FSc or equivalent certificate with at least second division or its equivalent shall be eligible to apply for admission to BS (Hons) and BBA degree program.
    5. A candidate holding a BA/BSc or equivalent degree from HEC recognized University with at least second division or its equivalent shall be eligible to apply for admission to Master degree program.
    6. To be eligible for admission to MS the candidate:
      1. Shall possess MA/MSc/BS (Hons) degree or its equivalent in the relevant discipline. In case of MS Engineering the candidate shall possess BSc Engineering.
      2. Must have 2.50/4.00 CGPA or its equivalent.
      3. GRE-General/GAT-General (at least 50%)
      4. Should qualify the subject test and interview conducted by the Department in which admission is sought.
    7. To be eligible for admission into the PhD Program, a candidate must have eighteen years of education with MS Degree or equivalent in relevant discipline/subject with 3.0/4.0 CGPA. The candidate shall qualify either GAT (subject) with minimum of 60% marks conducted by National Testing Services (NTS) or GRE (subject) with 60 percentile score or subject test.
    8. The MS degree previously earned by the applicant shall be with research/thesis option. Students having their MS degree completed with course-work only will not be eligible to apply for PhD programs.
    9. Clearing of interview on the I proposed research proposal submitted by the student. The university PhD admission committee will conduct the interview.
  4. Available Seats
    DEPARTMENT BSc Engineering /BS/BBA/ BS Engineering Technology MSc/MA/MBA MS
    Accounting & Finance 50 --- ---
    Biosciences 50 50 10
    Chemical Engineering 50 --- ---
    Chemistry 80 80 10
    Civil Engineering 50 --- ---
    Computer Science 100 50 ---
    Economics 50 50 10
    Education --- 20 10
    Electrical Engineering 80 --- 10
    Electrical Engineering Technology 50 --- ---
    English 50 50 ---
    Management Sciences 50 50 ---
    Mathematics 50 50 10
    Mechanical Engineering 80 --- 10
    Mechanical Engineering Technology 50 --- ---
    Mechatronics Engineering 50 --- ---
    Physics 100 100 10
    Psychology ≥15 ≥15 10
    Sociology ≥15 ≥15 ---
    Statistics ≥15 ≥15 ---

    Note: Two percent seats may be allocated to candidates holding 3-Years Diploma in Associate Engineering. These seats may be allocated in BSc programs of Faculty of Engineering and BS (Hons) programs of Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Sciences. Separate merit list will be prepared for candidates holding Diploma in Associate Engineering. 33 percent may be allocated in BS Engineering Technology for the candidates holding 3-Years Diploma in Associate Engineering. One seat in each department has been reserved for real children of employees of the University and its constituent colleges who have completed seven years of service. The minimum student strength for a class should be 25 which may be lowered to 15 for Social Sciences & Humanities and 10 for MS programs.

    In case of number of students registering for particular program is less than the desired class strength, the program will not be offered and students will be adjusted in the alternative choice.

    Admission will be advertised in the national newspapers and on the web sites ( and ( The Registrar office, University of Wah advertise in newspapers/press at least 8 weeks before the commencement of classes.

  5. University Prospectus and Application Form
    1. The prospectus along with application form can be purchased from Accounts Branch of University on cash payment. The cost includes the processing of the application as well as entrance examination where required.
    2. Application can also be submitted online through . The applicant has to send the copies of his/her certificates/degrees to the admission committee before the last date of submission along with pay order or bank draft equal to cost of Prospectus in favor of University of Wah.
    3. Prospectus/Admission form can also be obtained by sending a Bank Draft/ Pay Order in favor of University of Wah. In this case you are required to send us application which should show your interest to the program applying for.
  6. Submission of Application Form
    The application form complete in all aspects be submitted preferably online, by hand or through post/courier service before the last date of application while submitting the form by post /courier. It has to be ensured by applicant that the form reaches the admission committee before the last date.
  7. Allotment of Department
    Discipline will be allotted on eligibility and merit. For first merit list only first choice of the individual as mentioned on the admission application form will be considered. Second merit list will consider the other choices provided by students seeking admission in engineering discipline only.
  8. Change of Department
    Once the priority of choices is given by the candidate on the application form, no request for change will be entertained. However, after admission, a candidate may apply for the change of department after payment of fees to the lower merit within one week of start of classes subject to availability of seats, falling in the merit of the department in which the student applied for.
  9. Late Joining of Candidates
    1. Any candidate who reports after the expiry of last date of fee submission may be considered if vacancy still exists and when permitted by the competent authority on the closing day of admission.
    2. A candidate who has deposited the dues and does not join/registers himself/herself within two weeks of commencement of classes will be removed from the University nominal roll.
  10. Final List
    A department wise final list will be prepared after the fee submission by the candidates after two weeks of commencement of semester. The list will be handed over to each department after approval from the competent authority. Registration number will be allotted by the concerned department after verification of original documents.
  11. Fee Refund
    The candidates who apply for cancellation of their admission will be refunded tuition fee according to the HEC policy letter No. 10-1/HEC/A&C/2015/6542 dated 7th December, 2015.
    Full Tuition Fee Refund Up to 7th day of commencement of classes
    Half Tuition Fee Refund From 8th-15th day of commencement of classes
    No Fee Refund After 15th day of start of classes
    All types of security fee will be refunded after adjustment of dues, if any.
  12. Financial Assistance
    University of Wah offers financial assistance up to 50 percent of tuition fee to the students in the categories of Needy, Kinship, University Employees and Sports. Minimum 2.50/4.00 GPA/CGPA is required to apply for this financial assistance to be provided through scholarship committee. The wards of POF employees are entitled up to 12.5% exemption on tuition fee. Students from MDC, who secure admission in UW, are offered 10% exemption on tuition fee.
  13. Policy for Award of Merit Scholarship
    University of Wah has distributed over Rs 88 million since 2010 in lieu of scholarships to almost 5000 students. UW offers merit scholarship to the students of each degree program during regular residency on the basis of class size and performance (GPA). The amount of scholarship is 80%, 40% and 30% of the tuition fee for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. Class size will refer to the number of students at the time of admissions in the first semester of program. However the requirement of class size may be reviewed on case to case basis for the Department of Statistics and Management Sciences. Details of class size and GPA for undergraduate/equivalent programs, unless otherwise mentioned is given below:
    1. For award of one merit scholarship minimum class size/GPA shall be 25/3.5 for all discipline less Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, where the minimum class size/GPA may be 15/3.25.
    2. If the class size is between 41 and 59, two merit scholarships will be awarded. Minimum GPA for 2nd merit scholarship is 3.0.
    3. If the class size is above 59, three merit scholarships will be awarded. Minimum GPA for 3rd merit scholarship is 3.0.
    4. The minimum class size/GPA for award of merit scholarship for MS students shall be 10/3.5 in all disciplines.
    5. Individuals with F grade in examination of preceding regular semester and/or a punishment awarded for breach of discipline during last semester is not eligible for award of merit scholarship.
  14. Student Research Fund and Qarz-e-Hasna
    University of Wah Student Research Fund (UWSRF) has been instituted in 2017 to provide impetus to research and development activities and to offer financial relief to promising students facing financial constraints. Funding to active research work and associated laboratory development is also provisioned by this fund. University of Wah has distributed over 88 million Rs, since 2010 in lieu of scholarships to almost 5000 students. Overwhelmingly based on donations/grants from organizations and individuals, UWSRF has been launched with the seed money of Rs 3 million. Except seed money, all fund proceeds including profit and donations will be subject to utilization under following categories:
    Category Percentage
    Qarz-e–Hasna/Scholarships 50%
    Research/ Apparatus 45%

UW Admissions System, Copyright ©2018 University of Wah. All rights reserved.

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